All of our mattresses are designed with your individuality in mind. Your sleep position, your body type, your preferences, and more are all considered when we make each mattress.
Our construction utilizes a combination of two customizable Comfort Layers that work together to provide a level of support and softness that is ideal for you. Each comfort layer is 2" in depth and serves it's own, unique purpose. The mid-layer blends upward from the mattress core to form a support level that meets your needs and preferences, while the top layer adds the final level of preferred softness or bounce. The artful combination of both layers allows us to customize your mattress into your ideal sleeping surface. 
Having been in the foam industry for over 65 years, we did our homework when it comes to the materials we utilize in each of these layers. We searched far and wide and settled on four mid-layer options and four top layer options that allow us to create a full spectrum of customized comfort. Each layer option is made of premium, high quality foam and has unique properties (such as density, firmness, feel, and cooling effects) that make it suitable and useful for different sleep applications. Once combined, the end result is unique and lasting comfort.