Our mattresses are designed, from top to bottom, to provide the airflow and temperature regulation you need to stay comfortably cool throughout the night. 
Starting at the top, we have incorporated several engineered, temperature-regulating foam types in our product lines. In addition to being exceedingly comfortable, these products are also designed to conduct heat away from your body and keep you cool. Whether is is our highly-breathable memory foam, copper-infused memory foam, or temperature-neutral foam, we have layer options designed specifically for your temperature needs. Gone are the days when memory foam was known for its dreaded "oven-effect." 
Moving downward, our temperature control continues with the unique CNC profile design of our mattress core. This design allows for high airflow through the mattress body and underneath both Comfort Layers, giving the heat dissipated through these layers a place to escape. After conducting pressure-mapping research, we found that this design also has unique comfort benefits, as well, creating a mattress base that is as comfortable as it is breathably cool. Win? Win.
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