No matter your size, sleeping position, or firmness preference, you deserve a mattress that will feel the same today as it does years down the road, and one that doesn't leave a permanent, body-shaped imprint right where you sleep.
This is where durability comes in. How do we measure the durability of foam, you ask? Glad you asked. The answer is density.
Foam density equates to foam quality. It's as simple as that. The denser the foam, the more material went into making the foam, which translates into a longer lasting, better performing product. More material, more performance.
Here at Comfort Option, manufacturing our own products and cutting out the middle men allows us to offer a mattress that is higher quality, utilizing a higher density foam, at a lower price. The foam in our mattress core is 2.2 pound density (i.e. the foam weighs 2.2 pounds per cubic foot). Our leading online competitor's mattress core? 1.8 pounds per cubic foot. That's right. That means that the core of our mattress contains over 20% more material and is that much more durable..
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