100% Local

Serving Local Communities With Sustainable Comfort.

Mattresses Made Locally, and Shipped Locally.
We grew up in the Indianapolis area. We love it here. What we don't love is seeing our neighbors overpay for mattresses and not receive the service they deserve. Our locality provides some unique benefits, bot for us, and for you.

Here's what being local can do.

No Middle Man.

Retailers don't make the mattress, so there's an added upcharge. Even the new trendy mattress websites don't make anything. We do. We make it local, and we ship it local - giving us the ability to make a better mattress for less money.

Locally Made Means Local Jobs.

If you'd like, you could literally come in and meet the people who will make your mattress. Where else can that happen? They're your neighbors. Come on in and say hello!

Not Sell Local. SERVE Local.

Our Vision Statement is intentional. It's not SELLING local, it's SERVING local. And we mean it. We're constantly adding partnerships with organizations that provide solutions to our communitys' needs. See the full list at the bottom of this page.
Focusing our efforts entirely on the local area also gives us some unique ability to go above and beyond for people wanting great mattresses.
Your comfort matters to us. And we'll work hard for it.
Learn more about our local partnerships.
We're not just about selling to the local community. We truly want to serve the local community which has been so crucial in the lives of each of our team members. Below is a list of our current partnerships. If you'd like to learn more about any of them, or talk to someone about becoming a Comfort Option partner yourself, please contact us!