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The A-18 mattress is a fantastic bed. The mattress was delivered right on schedule. The white glove delivery was spot on. Most important, the mattress has been a life changer. For majority of my life, I have always had trouble sleeping. Whether that is trying to fall asleep, stay asleep, or waking up in the morning like I didn't even sleep an hour. I would feel groggy, tired, and unrested throughout the day. Since receiving the A-18 mattress, I have never slept better. I wake up feeling rested, I don't have any difficulty falling asleep at night, and I have so much energy during the day. This mattress has made me a morning person. I like how they created a short quiz that helped narrow down which bed would be best for how you sleep and using two different 2" foam material top layers to fit to the type of sleeper you are. They did a perfect job. I love my new bed!
Noblesville, IN
The Comfort Option customization has improved my sleep quality tremendously. From start to finish this process was easy, enjoyable and professional. I'd recommend everyone searching for a new mattress to go with Comfort Option!
Deon Shafer
Indianapolis, IN
We were impressed with the showroom and the individualized attention that we were given at Comfort Option. Personalized service throughout the entire process from knowledgeable sales persons who really care. Taking the brief comfort test online was easy and self explanatory. However, knowing that you can reach someone and not an automated prompt when you call in with a question is a huge relief. Our mattress was delivered in a timely manner with white glove service. We received an email ahead of delivery letting us know who would be coming into our home...nice touch! Being on the heavier side, I was looking for a mattress that was firm to give support but also breathable and did not hold heat. I am very happy with the Flex 2 which gives the support I was looking for AND is extremely comfortable from a temperature standpoint. This mattress was also much more reasonably priced than other mattress stores...signed, Satisfied Customer!
Adam Snively
Fishers, IN
We absolutely love our new Flex2 mattress! It's very comfortable, and the exact firmness we were hoping for. We appreciated the delivery and the care that was offered through comfort option. The ability to try the mattress in store, if desired, is a huge bonus. Rarely does a store offer the option to switch mattresss if the customer decides they made the wrong choice-- although we would not switch that option is awesome!
Kristen S
Indianapolis, IN
SoftFlo Bed Pillow
This pillow is fantastic. It's so hard to find a pillow that is really soft, but doesn't just flatten out to nothing! The Kulkote on it is so unique! My wife stole it from me the other night, so now I need a new one.
Fishers, IN
Every pillow I have tried has flattened out pretty quickly. Since I have been using it, the pillow hasn't flattened one bit and my neck has felt great!
Noblesville, IN
Indianapolis, IN
I love this pillow! I have tried so many other brands and they hurt my neck. This pillow also keeps me cool at night so I sleep much better.
Tammy Lynn
Fishers, IN
This pillow is awesome. It's the only pillow I've ever owned that cools me down when I sleep. I will definitely be purchasing another one!
Greenfield , IN
I got my SoftFlo Pillow at the home show in Indianapolis and have sleep great ever since. I have always been a hot sleeper, and this pillow really does cool me down! I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants a better night's sleep.
Indianapolis, IN
Best pillow ever! My wife used to give me a hard time because I was never happy with our pillows, but now, with the SoftFlo pillow, I couldn't be happier. It's the perfect amount of support and is consistent every single night. So comfortable. I love it.
Indianapolis, IN
I've been using this pillow for the past couple months now and it is by far the best pillow I've ever had for a couple reasons. I've always been the person that has to sleep with two pillows at night. After getting the Softflo I no longer need two! It gives you so much support and it's also super soft. The second reason why I love this pillow is because it really does keep you cool at night. It's amazing! I'll never not have one of these pillows! (:
Indianapolis , IN
Best pillow I've ever owned. It hasn't lost any loft and really does stay cold throughout the night. I was skeptical about buying it at the homeshow but now I'd never go back to another type of pillow.
Indianapolis, IN
I received this pillow as a gift for my birthday and absolutely love it!! I sleep with it every night and wake up feeling very rested. It's super comfortable, molds to your head specifically and keeps cool at night! I will never buy a different brand pillow again. I would love to try one of the mattresses as well. Thank you comfortoption!
Indianapolis, IN
While I was at the Indy Home Show I picked up the Softflo pillow, after purchasing so many different pillows I was skeptical about it. I absolutely do not regret purchasing this pillow. I have had so many cool night sleeps with this pillow, I'll never travel without it. I have highly recommended this pillow to my family and friends so don't miss out!
Avon, IN
Comfortable, nice cover. Doesn't get really hot like other memory foam pillows I've used, but it's still warmer than your normal pillow. It can be a little too much when the weather is warm, but I'm excited to try it in the winter. This pillow is kinda tall. It works well by itself, but not so well if you like to stack different pillow types. I probably should have gotten the slim version, but oh well. It's still a great pillow!
Indianapolis, IN
This is one of the best mattresses I have owned or even tried out! As soon as I received my new mattress I slept well! Super comfy and best for me since I'm a stomach sleeper! I would highly recommend this mattress!
Indianapolis, IN
My husband and I are extremely satisfied with the process, service and mattress we received from Comfort Option. Delivery was convenient, fast and Josh and Landon were extremely friendly and helpful. Great service!! The S-FLEX mattress that we chose is listed as a good mattress for pressure relief and it is amazing! We are sleeping better then we have in years without all the aches and pains. We feel rested after a night of sleep and love our new mattress.
Kurt and Mary Novotny
Fishers, IN
Shredded Latex Pillow
Love this pillow! It supports my neck really well, and doesn't lose its height like so many other shredded or down pillows I've tried.
Indianapolis, IN
A lower back ailment has been my problem for decades. The multi-layer structure of the FLEX-AIR mattress offers the comfort I have been looking for by providing support where I need it.
Ron K
Noblesville, IN
Since the first time I laid on my Flex-Air mattress I could feel the support from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. I attribute this to the I-Beam technology that Comfort Option developed. My sleep is deeper and I feel cooler than with my previous mattresses which is a welcome change since I used to toss and turn frequently to move to a cooler spot on my mattress.
Melba G.
Noblesville, IN
SoftFlo Slim Bed Pillow
I originally had the SoftFlo, and it was too big for me. It was soft and didn't get hot at night, but it was just too thick. The SoftFlo Slim fixes that problem! So glad you guys added this option! I love it!
Fishers, IN
Conor Daly Feed Indy Shirt
Awesome shirt! Really soft. Great cause.
Fishers, IN