Who We Are

We are not your ordinary mattress website.
The herd of sheep just kept growing. Again and again we heard about the next new online mattress provider that was going to ship their "unique" mattress straight to their customers' doorsteps in a cool looking box.

They all have some pretty clear similarities.

They Don't Make Anything

These websites don't actually make mattresses. Other companies do it for them, creating additional costs for the customer.

They Say One Size Fits All

Mattress websites usually have one mattress construction. For everyone. I'm sorry, but I do not need the same mattress as Andre the Giant.

100 Days... Then What?

100 day free trials sound great unless I have to organize pickup or put a mattress back in a box. Can't they just come fix the problem?
We said "enough," and decided to do things a little differently.  We actually make mattresses for our customers, right here in Indianapolis, and we make them better. We design your mattress to specifically meet your needs. We only ship locally so if there are ever any issues with your mattress, we're here to actually help. We recycle old mattresses to make it easier for you to dispose of them. 
Now, we're able to make sure that it's not the sale that matters, it's the comfort. And we work hard for it.
Meet the team.
Fred Baumgardner
Customer Service Lead
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Fred Baumgardner

Customer Service Lead

As a native to Indiana Fred has a great understanding to help our local community. He studied Business at Indiana University and proceeded to work In the Automotive field assuring client delight. Fred started with Comfort Option in May of 2016. During his time, he has been very fun and ambitious. In his free time, Fred loves to go kayaking.