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Quality, Durability, Transparency, Delivered. All the benefits of our factory-direct model, now shipping nationwide.

A designer-quality, durable, transparently-made, and exceedingly comfortable mattress.

For even less.
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With over 65 years of manufacturing experience in the foam & bedding industries, we are proud to announce the newest addition to the Comfort Option story.  The Alpha.

An all-around performer that won't break the bank, designed to deliver the best of both worlds with a temperature-responsive, memory foam/latex-like hybrid foam that provides better bounce and resiliency than memory foam and better pressure relief than latex. Comfortable, cooling, durable, and delivered directly from our factory to your doorstep.

The Alpha is our answer to the e-commerce, bed-in-a-box mattress boom, and our factory-direct solution still applies. In fact, it applies now more than ever. Cutting out the middle man, manufacturing all of our products in-house and with full transparency, and selling them directly to you allows us to offer a quality-built, exceedingly comfortable mattress and your best night's sleep, at a truly unbeatable price


Quality, Durability, Transparency, Delivered.

See what's inside.
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