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A designer-quality, durable, transparently-made, and exceptionally comfortable mattress. Now shipping from our factory to doorsteps nationwide.

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Introducing Alpha.

With the highest density core of any foam mattress on the internet, it’s as durable as it is comfortable. It’s made by us, and sold to you. No middle-men, no subcontractors or added mark-up, just a manufacturer and a customer. Better yet? It’s customizable. Even after the purchase we’ll work with you and reconstruct it if needed to make it work for you - for free.

It’s the most everything mattress on the internet.




We don’t rest until you do.

With our 30/90 Comfort Commitment, you get more than a trial period, you get a partner that’s committed to make your mattress work uniquely for your needs.


How does the 30/90 Comfort Commitment work?


Try your mattress for 30 days.


If you don’t like it after 30 days, we’ll take the next 90 days to reconstruct it to make it work for you.*


If you’re still unhappy after that, we’ll take it away for you and refund your money.


*30/90 Comfort Commitment Not Available on Alpha Lite

Constructing the Alpha

Different Types of Foam for Different Sleepers.

Foam is so much more than soft and firm. It's even more than high-density and low-density. The feel of a given piece of foam is a result of its structure, it's make-up. All three Alpha Mattress options utilize foams with relatively similar densities and firmness ratings. However, the feel and support of each construction varies greatly as a result of the differing foam types and their levels of resiliency.

What is resiliency, you ask? It's simply how quickly the material recovers or springs back into shape, it's elasticity. In the world of comfort, it can be summarized as bounce, or lack thereof.

An infographic detailing the spectrum of foam resiliency for memory foam, hybrid foam, and latex-like, high-resiliency foam (i.e. bouncy foam).

Memory Foam

It's important to note that "less bounce" doesn't mean bad. Memory foam has virtually no bounce, but that means more pressure relief - memory foam's specialty. It's popularity continues to grow, and understandably so. It can be ideal for side-sleepers or anyone seeking a soft, body contouring feel. For those sorts of people, the Soft Alpha Mattress is the best place to start, with 4" of low bounce, high pressure relief material placed right on the surface of the mattress.

Hybrid Foam

The happy medium. With slightly more bounce and resiliency than memory foam and more pressure relief than high-resiliency foam, hybrid foams are designed to bring you the best of both worlds. There's no one size fits all mattress, but any mattress trying to cover all bases should always include this foam. The Medium Alpha Mattress boasts two layers of 4" total of this versatile material making it perfect for folks who roll around at night, or just don't have passionate preferences.

High-Resiliency Foam

At the far end of the resiliency spectrum lies the bounciest foam of them of all: latex-like, high-resiliency (HR) foam. Think of this material as “the anti-memory foam.” If you drop a golf ball on it, it’ll spring right back. If you jump on it, you’ll bounce, and that wine glass of yours will surely spill. People who don't want to sink into their mattress, sleep on their back, or simply require a high level of support need this material, which is found in the Firm Alpha Mattress.

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The Alpha Lite.

An all-around performer that won't break the bank, the Alpha Lite is designed to deliver the best of both worlds with temperature-responsive, memory foam/latex-like hybrid foam that provides a little more bounce than memory foam and better pressure relief than latex, all on top of a foam core that’s still more durable than most of the competition.

Cutting out the middle man, manufacturing all of our products in-house and with full transparency, and selling them directly to you allows us to offer a quality-built, exceedingly comfortable mattress and your best night's sleep, at a truly unbeatable price



Leaders in Foam Fabrication Since 1952. 


"We’re sleeping better than we have in years."

- Kurt, Fishers, IN

Heard enough?