A Letter to the Assembly Call Community.

To the Assembly Call Community, 

It doesn’t seem like many IU fans start their fandom later life. For so many of us, we were born into this. My earliest memories as a child include laying on the floor in front of the television with my family during IU games. As the clock ticked toward zero, my brothers and I would inch our way closer and closer to TV, a time we deemed “floor time.”

I remember laying on the floor on my stomach watching us beat Shaquille O’Neal’s LSU team in March of ’92 while on our Spring Break in Florida. Calbert Cheaney had 30 points that night. I was 7 years old. Shortly thereafter, I would draw a picture of Calbert and mail it to him. I have no idea where my parents found a mailing address. Calbert responded with an autographed picture.


I was likely already destined for lifetime fanhood, but that pretty much sealed it. It’s with this background that I’m absolutely thrilled to begin a partnership with The Assembly Call.

From a business perspective, I’m of the opinion that Indiana basketball fans probably like to support Indiana businesses, which is exactly what Comfort Option is. We cannot wait to introduce our mattresses to this community and show off the unique ways we provide comfort for sleep.

But from a personal perspective, it’s also exciting, as an Indiana business, to support Indiana basketball fans. That’s who we are anyway.

Go Hoosiers.


Nathan Elliott