5 Reasons Why Comfort Option is Your Best Option for Mattresses in Indianapolis

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The most common question we're asked when we first meet someone interested in a new foam mattress is, "Why are you better than <insert giant brand name here>?"

It's a reasonable question, to be sure, and while we're clearly biased, we thought it necessary to publish the facts about who we are, what we make, and why it's the best option for anyone in Indianapolis looking for a new mattress.

1. We actually make our mattresses.

It's really no surprise, but the vast majority of mattresses that are sold are not made by those selling them. This creates two problems. First, there's an added layer of cost that goes into the mattress, so along with paying for the product you're paying for the retailer's profit and Joe Salesman's commission. Second, no matter what they say, if a company doesn't make what they sell, they don't know everything about the product. Think about it, who knows more about tires - Tire Barn or Firestone?

We're able to offer solutions to both problems. First, by cutting out an entire layer of the sales chain, our customers are able to buy a much better mattress for their money. Based on our research, we know that our $850 customized queen mattress carries the same value as mattresses that retail for $1,800 and up.

Secondly, we know our stuff. We've supplied foam into the mattress industry for over 65 years. We fabricate the foam in our mattresses ourselves. We assemble ourselves.  We literally make the mattress right here at our plant in Greenfield.

2. We customize our mattresses to meet your individual needs.

There's been a big push in the last 5 years or so to offer simplicity in mattress shopping, especially online. The claim is that people have enough decisions to make, so why not just offer one mattress style that can work for everyone? Mattress brands using this concept claim to have spent months and months researching what product works for everyone.

It works for marketing. It does not work in reality.

This one-size-fits all mattress may be convenient for large scale manufacturing, but let's think logically about this. How can a 6'4", 250 pound man be expected to have the same sleep needs as a 5'4" 120 pound female? They clearly don't, not to mention the fact that they may have differing preferences to go along with their physical difference.

For these reasons, we customize. Our customers take a brief, 6-question Comfort Test that tells who they are and how they sleep. We take that info, and assemble a mattress using materials that will help them get the best night's sleep possible.

3. We make our customized mattresses locally.

Being locally based and focused provides numerous benefits. Buying locally supports local jobs and helps maintain and build communities. But also, being local gives us the capability of doing things that national brands can't do, which brings us to numbers 4 and 5 below.

4. We will deliver and install your locally customized mattress ourselves.

Ok, so our mattresses aren't delivered in some trendy branded box that comes from FedEx. But, if your bedroom is on the second floor, how excited are you to carry the massive 100 pound box up a flight of stairs? What if you don't like it? Think it'll go back in the box?

With our free white glove delivery service, we'll contact you personally to choose a time that works for you and we'll come and carry your new bed into your room for you - no matter how many steps. And we do it for free.

We'll also take your old mattress away and recycle it for you. It's been reported that 50,000 mattresses go to the landfill every day. Gross. We'll recycle it for you.

5. Our 30/90 Comfort Commitment can only be done by companies who fit the first four points.

Our "warranty" is more of a service commitment. We want you to try our mattress for 30 days. If you're not happy with it, simply contact us in the following 90 days and we'll come back to your home and re-assemble the bed with new materials - free of charge.

Think your original construction is too firm? Ok, we'll come bring you some softer options.

Maybe the foam is sleeping warmer than you'd like? No problem. We'll bring out materials proven to help cool throughout the night.

If you're uncomfortable or unhappy with your purchase in anyway, we're here to help. You don't have to call some anonymous customer service line and arrange a return label and shipping reservations, or jump through hoops of proving your purchase is defective. We'll just come out ourselves and make a new mattress that has the feel and properties you're looking for. 

We actually make the mattress, so we can do that.

We customize for your needs, so we'll work to make it right.

We're local, so we have no problem coming to help you.

Give us a try. You can start here.