A Better Mattress Warranty

As you likely know, the mattress industry has historically been fraught with gimmicks, and there is potentially none greater than the dreaded mattress warranty. Hoops upon hoops. Shoestrings being stretched across mattresses to show absurd amounts of height loss. Diminishing coverage over time. If you read the fine print in these warranties, it's clear that many are designed to protect the company and limit the customer's ability to make a return. 

Nathan and Landon delivering a custom made mattress in Indianapolis, Indiana.

We started Comfort Option because we believe there is a better way. When thinking through how we wanted to make and sell quality mattresses directly to consumers, we were clear about one thing: we wanted a better mattress warranty. One that actually serves customers and gives them peace of mind about the bed they're purchasing and the quality of its construction. This notion gave way to an idea, and that idea went on to inform and shape the design of our customized mattresses and our program as a whole. 

Our idea was simple: if you don't like your bed for any reason or feel that it doesn't have the properties you were hoping for, simply contact us and we'll come out to your house and re-build it on-site with materials that better suit your needs. We call it our 30/90 Comfort Commitment and it is our pledge to you. We'll stand by our products and make sure you're satisfied with your purchase, guaranteed.

We'll stand by our products and make sure you're satisfied with your purchase, guaranteed.

What does 30/90 refer to, you ask? Great question. 30 refers to the number of nights we ask you to try your original customized mattress construction that you purchased. We've found that this tends to be an adequate amount of time for people to come to informed conclusions on what they like and don't like. 90, then, refers to the number of days we'll work with you to make your mattress construction right, should you find that you are unhappy with your mattress after those first 30 nights. It's as easy as that.

Our 30/90 Comfort Commitment is included on every mattress sold through our Indianapolis-area mattress customization program. If you live in the greater Indy area and would like to try a mattress that' s made just right for you, you can start by taking our Comfort Test. If you'd like to feel your customized construction prior to purchasing, please stop by and see us at either one of our mattress showrooms. We'd love to show you around.