Anything but Ordinary: An Introduction to the SoftFlo Pillow

Comfort Option SoftFlo Pillow - a memory-foam like pillow core, engineered for airflow and topped with the latest phase-change cooling technology.
The outer knit cover of the Comfort Option SoftFlo cooling bed pillow.

If you haven't met already, we'd like to take a minute to introduce you to a fan favorite: the Comfort Option SoftFlo Pillow.

No ordinary pillow, the SoftFlo Pillow has taken the very best from foam manufacturing and pairs the latest fabricating and engineering techniques with the industry's leading phase-change cooling technology. And let us tell you, people go crazy over this little guy. We started selling the SoftFlo Pillows at the Indianapolis Home Show in 2016 and, hundreds and hundreds of pillows later, still get emails and reviews from people raving about the support and comfort they bring, and the value that they found in our manufacturer-direct solution.

So what makes the SoftFlo Pillow so great?

First, it’s the perfect blend of softness and support that they provide. The core of each pillow is cut from a foam type called Serene. It has a memory-foam-like feel, but a distinctive push-back level of support that is truly unique. It's the best pressure-relieving properties beloved in memory foam, mixed with a proper level of support to keep your head and neck aligned while you rest.

Second, it's the inherent cooling properties of the pillow. The core is cut with an advanced CNC profile that we call our "fishbone" design. This not only aids in effective and ergonomic cushioning, but also allows for airflow throughout the entire pillow. This core is then wrapped in an outer layer of a foam called Altus, which has been deemed the softest foam in the world, coated with an application of KulKote Temperature Regulating Technology - a water-based polymer and phase-change material that is designed to rapidly disperse your body head away from your body. It has a noticeably cool feel upon first touch and will keep you comfortably cool the whole night through.

Sounds wonderful right? We invite you to feel the difference the SoftFlo Pillow makes for yourself and join the growing crowd of happy, comfortable sleepers worldwide. After a night or two, you may just want one for every member of your family.