Side Sleeper? You Should Read This.

In the last few years there's been a large push to offer simplicity in the mattress industry. Better customer experience, easy to use websites, 100 day trials, delivering a mattress in a box straight to someone's front porch, and so on.

Those are all great additions to an otherwise overwhelming industry, no doubt, but having to achieve all of them at once has required retailers to do something unfortunate.

Make one mattress construction work for everyone.

As if a mattress were a baseball hat, dozens of e-commerce websites are offering a "one-size fits all" concept, expecting every customer to want the same mattress construction. The goal for these retailers is to pick a construction that works pretty well for most, and then everyone will want to try it. It's convenience mixed with marketing.

Functionally, however, it doesn't work for everyone, especially for a certain demographic: side sleepers.

Side sleepers have a much different need than back sleepers, whose weight is evenly distributed across their entire body. Side sleepers experience the opposite - all of their body weight concentrated on just one side, creating focused pressure on their shoulders and hips.

We took the liberty of purchasing a mattress on Amazon from a leading online brand who only offers one construction (think big company and trendy branding). We then conducted a pressure mapping study and compared this leading bed-in-a-box mattress to the C-10, Comfort Option's top mattress construction for pressure relief, one that is particular popular among side sleepers. The results?

Pressure mapping of Comfort Option C-10 mattress vs. a leading bed-in-a-box mattress brand, showing pressure relief for side sleepers.

Leading Mattress Brand: 29.71 mmHG (mmHG is what the Medical Community uses to identify pressure points).

Comfort Option C-10: 24.88 mmHG.

That's nearly 20% more pressure placed on your body by the "Leading Mattress Brand," who actively advocates for the one-size-fits all mattress model.

We believe there is a better way. This is why Comfort Option customizes. One mattress construction cannot work ideally for all of the differences that people have and their varying needs to attain the best sleep possible, and back sleepers vs. side sleepers is just the beginning.

If you want to learn what works for you, start here.