Big Brands Get Bigger. Nothing Gets Better for Mattress Customers.

In case you missed it, Serta Simmons inked a deal with Sinomax that would have Sinomax manufacturing Beautyrest and Serta-branded bed in a box programs. Check out the press releases in BedTimes magazineand

Basically what's happening is one of the largest bed makers in the USA (Serta, maker of Beautyrest) is partnering with one of the largest bed makers (Sinomax) in the world to make their mattresses for them. It's a deal likely worth in the hundred of millions of dollars, but consumers won't see any savings or additional comfort benefits out of the deal. The executives of the two public companies will likely have a nice steak dinner, exchange business cards, and move on with their lives.

Meanwhile, the beds they make will be less focused on their customers' sleep experience, and more focused on profitability for their investors.


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Nathan Elliott