Celebrating the Fourth of July at the Geist Blast on the Bridge

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – We had a wonderful Fourth of July this year and couldn’t have thought of a better way to celebrate than to spend it at the Geist Blast on the Bridge with the kind folks from Townepost Network and Geist Magazine. What started as a rainy night (read: monsoon) ended up being an amazing and memorable night.

We had the opportunity to park right in the heart of the event, on the bridge overlooking the marina, and we brought out our freshly minted Mobile Showroom out to let people try our mattresses firsthand. We also re-introduced a putt-putt hole that we recently created for a local charity event, only this time, with a grab-bag of prizes. Everyone who hit a hole-in-one won a t-shirt, a Softflo Pillow, or a discount on a mattress, and let’s just say things got a little rowdy. People were loving it and were hitting hole-in-one’s left and right! It was a total and patriotic blast. We met some incredible people, saw arguably the best fireworks display in the city, and hope to be right back on that beautiful bridge next year.