Conor Daly + Comfort Option Partnering to Support the Midwest Food Bank

The Midwest Food Bank is an organization who's mission is to alleviate hunger  and poverty - both within our community as well as the world. Established in 2003, the Food Bank serves food to over 320 agencies in Indiana, which in turn help to feed 80-90 thousand individuals every month! That's enough people to fill Lucas Oil Stadium.

During the month May, we'll be partnering with Conor Daly to sell shirts and contribute to mission of the Midwest Food Bank!

It's really an amazing organization. They're able to leverage they're resources, so that for every dollar that is donated, they're able to provide $40 for food to a person in need. This means, that for every shirt we sell, we're able to provide over $200 in food! Let that sink in. If you purchase one shirt for $15, it contributes $200 of food to those who need it most.

Our goal is relatively modest. We want to sell 350 shirts. If we do, it will equate to at least $70,000 in food to our community. Help us, make sure you cheer on Conor Daly while you're at it, and follow #FeedIndy to stay up to date on where we stand with our goal! 

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Nathan Elliott