Introducing: The Mobile Mattress Showroom

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – What is a mobile mattress showroom, you say? We’re glad you asked. It is our rolling, transportable, van-based, miniature showroom that we just built and it will allow us to bring all the comfort of our customizedlocally-made foam mattresses around the great city of Indianapolis.

The idea for this rolling showroom was born from two simple truths. The first is that the best way to experience the difference a Comfort Option mattress makes is to feel it for yourself. Sure, you can take our word for it, but nothing compares to feeling the individually tailored,cooling comfort of our mattresses for yourself. We’re confident that you’ll like what you find.

The second truth that paved the way for the mobile mattress showroom went something like this: “Hey, we have this huge Comfort Option van. Let’s use it!” A harebrained idea turned into a sketch, which morphed into final plans; a few late nights, some sweat, and maybe a tear or two later, and the Mobile Mattress Showroom was born.

We’ll be utilizing the mobile showroom at events around the city, so keep an eye out for us and be sure to say hello. If you’d like to feel a Comfort Option mattress for yourself in the meantime, please feel free to stop by our brick and mortar showroom at our headquarters! We’d love to show you around.

Landon Erwin