Is Comfort Option Really Indy's Most Comfortable Mattress?

Comfort Option mattress van on Monument Circle in Downtown Indianapolis.

Indy's Most Comfortable Mattress.

We know that's a big claim. There are likely hundreds of people in Indianapolis who sleep on a Sleep Number mattress and love it. There's probably hundreds more who are happy with their Tempurpedic, or Beautyrest, or even whatever they got from Costco. 

So then, how can we be sure that we're not making outrageous claims with our tagline? I'll keep it simple, and give you two reasons.

1. Customization.

Here's the contrast - a mattress that's sold to you versus a mattress that's made for you.

Here’s the contrast - a mattress that’s sold TO you versus a mattress that’s made FOR you.

Marketing data suggests that there are roughly 4,500 mattresses sold in Indiana every week. Nearly all of those, though, come from established product lines - either sold through traditional retail stores or through e-commerce websites. From either type of source, the mattresses are pre-made and simply waiting for a sale.

Not so with Comfort Option. Our Comfort Test starts the process, and as we learn about an individual, we apply our experience to their needs and provide a customized mattress solution.

But, our ability to hold true to our claim of "Indy's Most Comfortable Mattress" does not stop at the point of sale. That leads us to number 2.

2. Comfort Commitment

Our warranty doesn't simply provide a trial for a given amount of time. It does, but it gives so much more.

After customizing a mattress before the sale, our local presence allows us to continue to customize the mattress after the sale. It's what we call our 30/90 Comfort Commitment.

It states, literally, that after 30 days if a customer still isn't comfortable, we'll back out to their home, replace the layers with new layers, and make sure it works. We'll do that for 90 days. For free.

To our knowledge, no one else offers anything like that. Anywhere.

That's why we will continue to hold to our claim of "Indy's Most Comfortable Mattress." It's not just that we we use the highest quality foams available (which we do), but we go a step further with our service and commitment to provide a sleep solution that works.

For us, it's not just about providing a warranty that gives a customer confidence that we'll reimburse them if they don't like the product, it's providing that benefit along with a service level that ensures satisfaction. 

Sounds great, right? We certainly think so and we invite you to take our Comfort Test or visit us in either of our conveniently-located showrooms. We're confident that you'll agree with our claims.