Not All Foam is Created Equal: No Ordinary Foam Mattresses

A full variety of customized, foam mattresses that give any feel you want, from soft to firm, slow-recovery of memory foam to the bounce of latex-like foams.

Why do we need to carry over 100 different foam types? Aren’t all foams basically just soft or firm? Simply put: No.

There is a specific connotation that often comes with foam mattresses. When some people hear the word “foam,” they instinctively assume that the material comes in exactly one type: soft and unsupportive.

In reality, foam is so much more than that. It’s an extremely versatile substance that can be used to create a wide variety of sleeping surfaces. From the slow-recovery feel of memory foam to the bouncy resilience of latex-like foam, or any combination in between, we can do it. Whether its soft, medium, or firm, your preferences are covered. 

An animated GIF showing the variety of materials used in Comfort Option customized mattresses.

Here at Comfort Option we are backed by a rich history in foam fabrication and carry a full spectrum of foam products that we’ve put to use in our customized mattress constructions.

We’ve also applied our expertise to come up with a perfect, middle-of-the-road, all-around-performer that we call the Alpha, which we roll, box, and ship from our factory in Indiana to customers nationwide.

No matter your preferences, we’ve got you covered, and we’d love to make a mattress that’s just right for you.

We’re sleeping better than we have in years, without all the aches and pains.
— Kurt and Mary Novotny, Fishers

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