Our Cooling Foam Mattresses, Now Even Cooler.

 Comfort Option customized mattress construction with KulKote - Temperature Regulating Technology applied for cooling, comfortable sleep, all night long.
 Comfort Option mattresses, plus KulKote - Temperature Regulating Technology

From the onset, we’ve always sought to utilize the latest cooling technology in each of our customized mattress constructions. Whether it’s our copper-infused memory foam, high-airflow memory foam, or any of the temperature neutral or responsive foams that we use in our constructions, each material we utilize was selected, in part, for the cooling properties it brings to the table. Now, we are excited to announce the latest addition to our product line: the addition of KulKote – Temperature Regulating Technology to our mattresses.

If you’ve experienced our SoftFlo Pillows, you’re already familiar with the seemingly-magic, immediately-tangible cooling that KulKote brings. For those who unfamiliar, KulKote is a water-based, polymer coating that is applied to the surface of the foam; it is a “phase change material” (PCM) which, in short, means that it utilizes micro-capsules that continually change phases from a liquid to a solid in order to effectively manage heat energy. In other words, it regulates your temperature while you sleep and keeps your mattress at a perfect, comfortably-cool level all night long.  

One feel of a piece of foam with KulKote compared to a piece without is all takes to experience its cooling effects, but don’t just take our word for it. The graphics below show the tangible temperature difference that KulKote brings.

 Thermal imaging showing the cooling, temperature regulating effects of KulKote.
 Graph showing the managed variance of temperature over time when using KulKote - Temperature Regulating Technology.

KulKote is now offered as an optional upgrade on all Comfort Option customized mattress constructions, as well as the Alpha mattress, available through Amazon.


Ready to experience the cooling comfort of our temperature regulating mattresses for yourself?