Reasons You Should Never Buy a Mattress that's $500 Off (or More).

We've all seen them, right? These are just a few of the mattress "sales" currently going on in November of 2017.

We've all seen them, right? These are just a few of the mattress "sales" currently going on in November of 2017.

Let's be honest, people love sales. There's no doubt about it. The thrill of saving money on a purchase is often more enticing than the actual product being purchased. And companies know it.

Did you know that a few years back the CEO of JC Penney tried to eliminate sales at his stores altogether? His theory was to forget about the supposed-savings like his competitors were pushing, and to simply offer the products at the best price to begin with, also known as Everyday Low Prices. It was an honest idea, to be sure, and one that resonated with a lot of consumers. But, sadly, it didn't work. He was replaced in short order.

It's important to note that most products being sold "on sale" at retail stores aren't nearly as expensive as mattresses. Mattress sales are a different animal altogether, where a sale as modest as 10% off can equate to a couple hundred bucks without blinking an eye. We're talking about a lot of cash being dangled around as "savings."

But if you've ever been in the mattress industry - particularly on the manufacturing side - you know a thing or two about what actually goes into mattresses.

In that light, here are the two simple reasons why you should never buy a mattress that's $500 off (or more).

1. Quality/Pricing Concerns.

This is number one for a reason. Let's think about this. If a company can take $500 or more off a single unit price, can you really trust that you're getting a quality product for a fair price? In these situations, one of two things is undoubtedly true, if not both. Either the mattress is way overpriced to start with or, perhaps worse, the mattress is nowhere near the quality claimed by it's retailers and high price tag (slick marketing and high price tags often work together to give a mere impression of quality). Unfortunately, neither scenario is surprising in today's mattress industry; insanely high margins, used to fund unnecessary storefront expenses and multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, have become the norm.

If you need more convincing, let's apply some simple numbers. If a retailer sells just one mattress per day at "$500 off," that is $15,000 in foregone revenue in a single month. Any small business owner, or anyone with a mortgage for that matter, knows that kind of cash is hard to come and margins like that cannot exist on quality products, especially in a market as flooded and competitive as the mattress industry.

In the end, whether it's extreme overcharging or a vast exaggeration of quality, the store obtains a profit disproportional to the benefit the consumer receives. Be warned. It's not worth it.

2. The Dreaded "Up-sell".

There is another, often-overlooked, gimmick behind the mattress store high-dollar sale. Simply put, they have no desire to actually sell that product.

Ever walk into a store looking for a product and, before you know it, the person you asked about that product is showing you something you had no previous interest in? The goal in this case is to lure a consumer in the door with a big sale, then sell them something else. For mattresses, you may see a $2,500 mattress on sale for $2,000, but then when you get there you wind up looking at a different mattress altogether. The hook is that even if the new mattress they're selling costs the same $2000, they don't have it marked down and have a higher margin that allows them to make more profit.

Sound familiar? The goal here is the same as #1.  Forget about customer satisfaction, sell a bed for as much profit as possible. Don't fall for it.

Wondering why we're so focused on this? We've been manufacturing mattresses and supplying foam to major brands in the industry for over 65 years and have witnessed the problems and marketing ploys associated with mattress purchasing grow and grow. We happen to believe in our products and feel that buying a mattress is a big deal. It's an important purchase, one of the few products that you use every single day of your life, and it effects your sleep, which in turn effects your health, your mood, and your productivity.

We encourage you not to make such an important decision based on a sale, especially if that sale seems too good to be true. The truth is, it probably is.

Instead, why not make a decision on a mattress based on trust in the quality of the mattress? Make it on the ongoing communication you can have with the provider. Make it in a way that works just for you. And, of course, don't pay more than you have to.