There are, perhaps, hundreds of mattress manufacturers in the world and hardly any of them offer customized mattresses. More recently, companies have found success by offering one mattress to apply for all people. The hope is that the simplicity of the buying experience is more attractive than the actual comfort of the mattress.

So, why would we customize based on individual needs?
Because we recognize that we are all different, with unique body types, sleeping habits, and preferences, and we have found that a little customization goes a long way in terms of comfort. With the right products and the right construction, you can sleep better than you ever thought possible.
How do we customize? 
Based on decades of experience, we've handpicked the best materials in the foam industry, all of which have their own properties of softness and comfort, support, and temperature control, and can be combined in an array to create a full spectrum of truly comfortable mattresses.
From there, we created the Comfort Test. This quick, six-question quiz helps us identify who you are and what you need. Based on your answers, we construct a personalized mattress with the materials best-suited for your body type, preferences, pain areas, and temperature needs. 
It's that simple, and the difference is remarkable. Have questions or want to see for yourself? Please don't hesitate to contact us.