Do you have a 100 day trial period like other websites?

Informally, maybe, but what are you really looking for with a 100 day trial? Here's what we do. Rather than offering a 100 day trial and using it purely for marketing advantage, we want to work with you to develop a mattress that works.
If what you buy isn't what you were hoping for, call us. We'll come back out and personally re-construct your foam mattress with a new Comfort Layer for free to try and make it better. If it still doesn't work, we'll be sad, but we'll come pick up the mattress and wish you the best.
With Comfort Option, it's less about putting a time period on proving your happy and hoping for the best. We're more about personally working alongside you to make you comfortable, so if that means totally remaking your mattress in the first 90 days, we'll do it. We're right down the street, so we can do more with service than any national retailer.