Why doesn't Comfort Option ever run sales?

We actually do from time to time, but it's usually around a special community event or local partnership. Typically, though, we don't do sales.
There are lots of reasons for this, but the main one is that we are NOT like the other mattress retailers. Since we personally make everything we sell (as evidenced here), we're able to provide a much higher quality mattress compared to other brands in our price range.

It's important to be aware that retailers always have their "original price" marked up to cover for discounts they offer during sales. We don't have that markup in our price, so we don't offer sales during traditional big shopping times like Labor Day and 4th of July.
You can literally compare our product, with an $800 price point, to mattresses that are sold for $2,000 at mattress retailers. That's why they can offer $500 off sales, and still make money.