Delivering The Most Comfortable Mattress to Greenfield

Custom Mattresses,
Crafted in Greenfield.

Ever driven west on i70? Look north. With a full range of customizable, top-quality mattresses made right in Greenfield and white glove delivered straight to our Greenfield neighbors, you no longer need to look to big-box retailers or impersonal websites to find the comfortable mattress you deserve. We’re right up the road, we work in Greenfield, and we’d love to make a customized mattress that works just right for you.

Let us customize a mattress just for you


A Difference You Can Feel

Using over 65 years of experience in the foam and bedding industries, we've created a direct from the factory line of high quality foam mattresses made in Greenfield and for Greenfield. Our foam mattresses are built for durability and engineered to keep you cool while you sleep. And the best part? Each of our mattresses is customized to meet your individual needs and preferences. Simply take our quick, 6 question Comfort Test, and we’ll build a mattress that works just right for you. Then, we'll personally deliver it to you, at your home, in Greenfield. Click each link below to learn more about the four principles that set our mattresses apart or visit our store to shop now.


The Benefits of Buying Local

Manufacturing our own foam mattresses and pillows right here in Greenfield and bringing them directly to your doorstep allows us to offer a higher quality mattress for less money all while focusing on service in a way that impersonal, big-box retailers never could. We take service seriously and strive to serve our customers and community in a meaningful and lasting way, even beyond delivering mattresses. Click each link below to learn more about the benefits for Greenfield residents of buying local.

Where We've Been in Greenfield

Our manufacturing facility, delivery travels and partnerships with local service organizations have brought us all over the great city of Greenfield. Click on any images in the gallery below for details on some of our past events and experiences.

Greenfield Students arriving at Comfort Option Career DayGreenfield Students inside Comfort Option for Career DayComfort Option bedroomLoading the mattress van