Honestly Crafted Mattresses


In an industry fraught with gimmicks and hazy pricing of products, we started Comfort Option to stand apart. We literally have customers come and see us, and the first questions they ask are not in regards to price or materials, they’re in regards to whether or not they can trust us.

That’s why we highlight honesty. And we mean it.

To prove it, we’re not just done telling lies about mattresses. We’re telling the truth – proactively.

Below you’ll find two tables that transparently discuss what we make. The first reveals the materials we use, something that many mattress manufacturers do not expose. We also have included data regarding how we arrive at our prices, which, to our knowledge, no mattress manufacturer reveals.

We’re literally sharing our price structure and details about our raw materials so that our customers can understand exactly what they’re buying.

It’s risky. No doubt. But it’s honest. And that’s who we are.