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Indy’s Most Comfortable Mattress.

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We know foam, and we know bedding. We've been making quality mattresses and foam products right here in Indianapolis for over six decades. And you? You're unique. You have your own sleeping habits, preferences, and body type, and you need a mattress that caters to your individual needs and provides your best night's sleep, without breaking the bank. What a perfect coincidence.

Friends and fellow citizens of the greater Indianapolis area, we are your local resource and we are proud to offer a local solution that we can confidently call Indy’s Most Comfortable Mattress. 


Fully customized mattresses, made with hand-picked materials that are best suited to meet your individual needs, manufactured in our local facility, and sold at an unbeatable price, directly from our factory to you.
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 Custom Mattresses Made in Indianapolis


From body types to sleeping positions, every person is different, and we've found that a little customization goes a long way in terms of comfort. With the right materials and the right construction, you can sleep better than you ever thought possible. Simply take our quick, 6-question Comfort Test and we'll tailor-make a mattress that works just right, for you.



No middle-men. No added mark-up. No expensive storefronts, sales staff, or high-dollar marketing budgets. Just a chance to buy directly from your local source who has been a leader in foam and bedding manufacturing since 1952 and, in turn, get a better mattress, better service, and wonderful night of sleep at a truly unbeatable price.

 Free Mattress Delivery from Comfort Option

Free White Glove Delivery

Our team will personally deliver and install your new mattress in your home, free of charge. That's right. No heavy lifting or staircase-navigating required.


Free Mattress Recycling

With each mattress purchase, we will also remove and recycle any unwanted mattresses you may have in your home. Curious about the recycling process? Feel free to visit our recycling partner's website to learn more.

 Comfort Option Recycles Old Mattresses for Free

Custom Mattresses, Made at Your House. 

Backed by Our 30/90 Comfort Commitment, So You Can Sleep Easy.

Being right up the road and manufacturing locally allows us to do things a little differently and we believe we can do better than a typical, gimmicky mattress warranty. Here’s how our 30/90 Comfort Commitment works:

We ask that you give your new, customized mattress a minimum of 30 nights of sleep. If you find you are unhappy with the feel of your mattress or its performance after those 30 nights, simply contact us anytime in the following 90 days and we will come out to your home and rebuild your mattress with new materials onsite to give it the feel and/or properties you’re looking for, for no additional cost. We feel confident that you’ll love your Comfort Option mattress and, should we get it wrong the first time, we’ll eagerly make it right.


Heard enough?

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