Learn the Engineering

Soft, Cool, Durable Mattresses, Customized for You

Our mattresses provide a simple way to ensure that you are getting a quality product that is just right for you. All of our mattresses have three things in common.
  1. They use individual Comfort Layer materials that combine to create a level of softness and support that is ideal for a consistent and personalized sleep experience.
  2. The core material is more dense than competitors' foams, meaning it will last longer and perform better. Utilizing our I-Beam design, durability is maximized without making you sleep on a brick.
  3. Each mattress is designed for an exceedingly cool sleep. By using fabrications methods that maximize air flow and foam materials (yes even Memory foams) that are engineered to conduct heat away from your body, there isn't a cooler mattress in the market.
But what they don't have in common is the best part. Customization.
We know from decades of experience in the foam industry that different people require different materials to optimize comfort. How can we expect a 110 pound woman to use the same mattress as a 250 pound man and think they'll have the same sleep experience? They won't. So we designed the Comfort Test to ensure that what we make you is what you need. Based on your body type, preferences, size, and sleep position we'll construct a mattress using materials that work for you.
Take the test to see what we mean or click below to read more about each step in our engineering process.