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As we build each construction, three principles guide our decisions. We want them to feel right, last long, and sleep comfortably. By doing this we hope to provide the best mattress for each individual customer.

Click below to learn more about the different properties of our foam selections and the science behind them.

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Feel & Structure


First we have you take the six question test. Then we figure out which foams will fit your needs. Simple and to the point. No fluff.

Each layer in our arsenal is premium-quality and was chosen for its unique properties (such as density, firmness, recovery rate, general feel, and cooling effects), that make it suitable and useful for different sleep applications. Once combined, the end result is unique and lasting comfort.

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The measure of durability in foam revolves around one concept: density. Foam density equates to foam quality. It's as simple as that. The denser the foam, the more material went into making the foam, which in turn translates to a longer lasting, better performing product. More material, more performance.

The foam in our mattress core is 2.2 pound density (i.e. the foam weighs 2.2 pounds per cubic foot). 0ur leading online competitor's mattress core, on the other hand, is 1.8 pounds per cubic foot. That means that the core of our mattress contains over 20% more material and is that much more durable. 


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Cooling, for Your Best Night's Sleep.


Starting at the top, we have incorporated several temperature-regulating foam types in our product lines. Whether it is our  copper-infused memory foam, temperature responsive foam, or a temperature-neutral foam type, we have layer options designed specifically for your temperature needs. In short, we've tried to eliminate the dreaded "oven-effect" stigma from the foam mattress.

Moving downward, our temperature control continues with the unique CNC profile design of our mattress core. This design allows for high airflow throughout the mattress body, giving the heat dissipated through the top layers a place to escape. 


Ready for a better night's sleep? 

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