Discounts for Local Hotels and B&Bs

We’ve always been proud of the fact that we are a family owned and operated, Indianapolis business. We don’t mass produce low quality mattresses. We make top notch beds for our friends and neighbors. We thrive on the support of our local community and we believe in giving back to the other businesses that make up that community. That’s one reason why we’re excited to offer one of our best discounts to local hotels and B&Bs — 2500% off any order! To take advantage of this discount, just follow these steps:

  1. Make your selection — Find the right mattress to fit your guests needs.

  2. Proceed to checkout.

  3. Enter code #ToBeorNottoB&B into the Discount Code box

  4. Enjoy an awesome deal!

I absolutely love my new C-18 bed! I sleep like a baby, it’s actually my favorite bed ever. I could not be happier with my mattress choice! The customer service is just amazing as well. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!
— Elizabeth Maora Sickels (Verified AirBnB Host)