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Pillows, meet Technology

Our SoftFlo and Shredded Latex pillows are highly engineered for durability, cooling, and exceeding comfort.  We've combined the highest quality materials in the industry with a unique CNC design and the most effective Phase Change Material (PCM) on the market to create an amazingly comfortable, cooling pillow that is built to last. 
SoftFlo technology begins with a high support factor memory foam core, a one-of-a-kind foam material that acts like memory foam, but offers better support and temperature-neutrality. We utilize advanced CNC programming to shape the core into our own SoftFlo profile, which adds softness and allows for airflow, further ensuring temperature stability. The pillow core is then wrapped in a layer of Altus foam, the softest foam in the world, ensuring a soft touch and longer durability than fiber or feathers. The outer Altus layer is then coated with KülKōte Phase Change Material (PCM), an advanced water-based coating that is designed to rapidly transfer your body heat away from your body and provides an incredibly cool touch. The result is an amazingly comfortable, breathable, cool, and long-lasting pillow that will leave you wondering why you ever used an ordinary pillow.
Our shredded latex pillow takes a slightly less technological approach, but is a workhorse and has benefits and a loyal following all it's own. Latex is naturally heavier than foam or fiber, which in turn makes it more durable, ensuring that your pillow won't flatten or give out over time. We only uses three different latex types in our shred, which means the pillow is more consistent and less lumpy than other latex pillows from the start. If latex pillows are your preferred headrest, you will love our Shredded Latex option.
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