Soft Alpha Mattress - Best For Side Sleepers

Soft Alpha Mattress - Best For Side Sleepers

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Specializing in softness and superior pressure relief, this mattress construction is best suited for side sleepers and people who love cozying deep into a mattress. It mixes high level comfort with unmatched durability, boasting the highest density core foam (2.2 lbs/cubic foot) of any mattress available on the internet.

KulKote - Temperature Regulating Technology (+$400):
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2” of Copper-Infused Memory Foam
A better version of an already fantastic foam. This material pairs a traditional memory foam with the latest cooling and wellness technology, utilizing flecks of actual copper infused into gel that conducts heat away from the body and disperses it throughout mattress, making for a night of sleep that is cool as it is comfortable.

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2” of High Support Factor Memory Foam
This incredibly soft, yet unusually supportive, temperature-neutral foam has a completely unique feel. It’s similar to memory foam, but offers enhanced support through its proprietary closed-cell technology that won’t bottom out. It’s a great option for those looking for a combination of softness and support.

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6” 2.2 lb Density Base Layer - the most durable of any online mattress
With a foam nearly 50% more dense and 5 times more durable than a typical mattress core, our 2.2 density foam core is built to last. It also utilizes a unique I-Beam CNC profile that adds pressure relief and additional air flow, ensuring long lasting, cooling comfort.


Introducing: Kulkote Temperature Regulating Technology

Each of our mattresses is built with inherent cooling technology, but for our customers for whom heat is serious issue, we offer an optional upgrade of KulKote - Temperature Regulating Technology. What is KulKote, you ask?


Kulkote is a Phase Change Material.

It regulates your temperature as you sleep.

Kulkote is a water-based, polymer coating that uses micro-capsules that continually changes phases from liquid to solid in order to effectively manage heat energy. We spray it right onto the surface of the foam.



Beyond a Warranty:
a Commitment & Partnership


The 30/90 Comfort Commitment

We won’t rest well until you do. Instead of just refunding your money we’ll use 120 days to customize a mattress that works for you. And if we can’t, then we’ll refund you.

The Forever Partnership

Sometimes, warranties don’t cover what you need. From the date of purchase, we provide a partnership that ensure you’re satisfied. Forever.



Factory Direct Mattresses

Unlike other bed-in-a-box options, we actually make our mattresses ourselves in Indiana. This gives us the ability to offer far higher quality products at far lower prices.

More density means more durability.

Our mattresses have a foam core with a 2.2 pounds per cubic foot density. That’s nearly 40% more density than the average foam mattress core, and 5 times more durable.