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Soft pressure relief, with a medium-firmness transition layer. Ideal for stomach sleepers. It's soft, but not too soft, making it ideal for a large group of sleepers.

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Meet the S-18.

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This incredibly soft, yet supportive, temperature-neutral foam has a completely unique feel that is similar to memory foam, but offers enhanced support through its proprietary closed-cell technology. A great option for pressure relief and those looking for a combination of softness and support.

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Energex 18

Latex like memory foam provides superior pressure relief along with durability and resilience. The 18 firmness rating keeps a soft touch, but with a little more support than other transition layers.

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I-Beam 2.2 Core

With a foam nearly 50% more dense than a typical mattress core, our 2.2 density foam core is built to last. It also utilizes a unique I-Beam profile to add pressure relief and additional air flow, ensuring long lasting comfort.

Backed by Our 30/90 Comfort Committment, So You Can Sleep Easy.

Being right up the road and manufacturing locally allows us to do things a little differently and we believe we can do better than a typical, gimmicky mattress warranty. Here’s how our 30/90 Comfort Commitment works:

We ask that you give your new, customized mattress a minimum of 30 nights of sleep. If you find you are unhappy with the feel of your mattress or its performance after those 30 nights, simply contact us anytime in the following 90 days and we will come out to your home and rebuild your mattress with new materials onsite to give it the feel and/or properties you’re looking for, for no additional cost. We feel confident that you’ll love your Comfort Option mattress and, should we get it wrong the first time, we’ll eagerly make it right.

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Free White Glove Delivery

Our team will personally deliver and install your new mattress in your home, free of charge. That's right. No heavy lifting or awkward, expanding boxes required.

Free Mattress Recycling

With each mattress purchase, we will also remove and recycle any unwanted mattresses you may have in your home. Curious about the recycling process? Feel free to visit our recycling partner's website to learn more.