SoftFlo Pillow

SoftFlo Pillow

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Made with the highest quality materials and highly engineered for cooling, support, and durability, this pillow is built to provide you with exceedingly comfortable sleep, night after night.

The SoftFlo Pillow comes in Standard, Queen, and King sizing, and also two different heights: Traditional and Slim.  The Traditional version is the original and measures 6.5" in vertical loft. The Slim version is the exact same construction, only with 5.5" of loft; a perfect solution for those who tend to prefer a thinner pillow. 

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  • Outside Layer Material: Wrapped with softest foam in the world, ensuring a soft touch but with long term durability.
  • Core Layer Material: High Support Factor Memory Foam - one of a kind chemistry gives the slow recovery of memory foam with a much higher support factor, and is completely temperature resistant.
  • SoftFlo CNC Design: Advanced CNC programming on the core layer adds softness while keeping shape and support, while simultaneously adding air flow to ensure temperature stability.
  • KulKote - Temperature Regulating Technology:  KulKote is applied to the entire outside layer of the pillow, adding assurance of a cool night of sleep in any sleep position.
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Products specifications:

Overlay Material: Altus SuperSoft Foam

Fill Material: Highly Supportive Memory Foam

KulKote - Temperature Regulating Technology: Yes