SoftFlo Pillow - Engineered for Cool Sleep

SoftFlo Pillow - Engineered for Cool Sleep

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Highly engineered with top of the line foams designed for cooling, support, and durability, this pillow is built to provide you with exceedingly comfortable sleep, night after night.

Available in Standard, Queen, and King sizing, and also two different heights: Traditional and Slim.  The Traditional version is the original and measures 6.5" in vertical loft. The Slim version is the exact same construction, only with 5.5" of loft; a perfect solution for back sleepers and those who tend to prefer a thinner pillow. 

Pillow purchase includes free delivery nationwide and a 30 Night Trial Period.

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Meet the SoftFlo Pillow.

Comfort Option SoftFlo Pillow - Kulkote - Memory Foam - Best Pillow - Cooling Pillow

Coated with Kulkote Temperature Regulating Technology.
Kulkote is a coating that's applied to the top layer of foam that significantly helps regulate temperature, and keep you cool. Kulkote manages temperature before sweat begins, to help you sleep soundly through the night without waking up hot. It's breathable, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.


Wrapped with Lightest, Softest Foam in the World.
If you held this foam by itself in your hand, you'd barely know it's there. Yet, it packs a ton of benefit into very little density. It's softest provides a gentle touch on the top layer of the pillow, but it's durability far surpasses that of shredded foam, fiber fill, or feathers. As a result, it keeps it shape, and keeps it's comfort over the long haul.


Utilizing SoftFlo Core with High Support Factor Memory Foam.
The fishbone design of the SoftFlo contour does two things: First, it softens the pillow up right where your head lies, ensuring superior comfort compared to basic memory foam pillows. Secondly, the cavities create a significant air flow benefit, which, combined with Kulkote, enables this pillow to be the coolest pillow.


Ensuring a cool sleep

By utilizing Kulkote Temperature Regualting Technology and combining it with the innovative SoftFlo CNC profile, we provide an engineered pillow that combines chemistry and craftsmanship to ensure a cool sleep. Kulkote cools at the surface, and SoftFlo keeps the air moving underneath, creating a total package of cooling that can’t be matched.