Your comfort matters, and we work hard for it.
With the highest quality products and an entirely local business model, we believe the process is as important as the results. From design to manufacturing to our white glove delivery at your home, we seek to serve you with truly sustainable comfort.

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Our mattresses utilize a three-layer construction, with each customizable layer of high quality foam serving a unique purpose. The end result is a supportive, cool, durable, and perfectly customized surface to compliment your sleeping habits, preferences, and body type.
mattress pinpoint diagram
1. Core Layer
Our 6” mattress core uses an advanced CNC profile that allows for airflow and is made with a foam type that is over 20% more dense than our leading competitor.
2. Comfort Layers
We consider your size, preferences, sleep position, pain areas, and temperature sensitivities in order to pair the perfect blend of materials in the 2" top layers.
3. Fabric Cover
The first of its kind, our IFR E-Z Cover is engineered to add a noticeably soft touch to our exceedingly comfortable mattress.
4. SoftFlo Pillow
Made with the highest quality materials and highly engineered for cooling, support, and durability, this pillow is built to provide you with exceedingly comfortable sleep, night after night.
Best pillow I've ever owned. It hasn't lost any loft and really does stay cold throughout the night. I was skeptical about buying it at the homeshow but now I'd never go back to another type of pillow.
Indianapolis, IN
Since the first time I laid on my Flex-Air mattress I could feel the support from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. I attribute this to the I-Beam technology that Comfort Option developed. My sleep is deeper and I feel cooler than with my pre...
Melba G.
Noblesville, IN
We absolutely love our new Flex2 mattress! It's very comfortable, and the exact firmness we were hoping for. We appreciated the delivery and the care that was offered through comfort option. The ability to try the mattress in store, if desired, is a...
Kristen S
Indianapolis, IN
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