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Frequently Asked Questions

If any questions are not answered on this page, don't hesitate to use the chat feature in the lower right hand corner, or contact us directly.

What are the hours of operation in your stores?

Indianapolis - Circle Centre Mattress Store

We’re open during malls hours.

10am-9pm Mon-Sat

12pm-6pm Sun

Greenfield - HQ and Manufacturing Facility

Since we're a manufacturing facility, our hours in the showroom are the same as our factory. 

8am - 5pm Mon-Fri

Closed Sat-Sun

However, if those times don't work for you, just contact us to set an appointment to come in.

Or, even better, set an appointment to have us bring the Mattress Store To Your Door. More on that below.


What's your warranty?

The 30/90 Comfort Commitment

We believe that we can do better than a typical, gimmicky mattress warranty. Being right up the road and manufacturing locally allows us to stand by our products and work with our customers to ensure their satisfaction and comfort. Here’s how our 30/90 Comfort Commitment works:

We ask that you give your new, customized mattress a minimum of 30 nights of sleep.* Should you find that you are unhappy with the feel of your mattress or its performance after those 30 nights, we’ll work with you for a 90-day window and will come out to your home and rebuild your mattress onsite to give it the feel and/or properties you’re looking for, for no additional cost. We feel confident that you’ll love your Comfort Option mattress and, should we get it wrong the first time, we’ll eagerly make it right.

*Why a 30-night minimum, you ask? Great question. We have quite a few options when it comes to materials and mattress constructions and we’ve found that this can create a sort of “choice anxiety” for some of our customers. In the end, we’re confident in our ability to make a mattress that is best suited for your body type, sleeping habits, and preferences, and we ask you to give our original solution a fair try, for enough nights to come to a well-informed conclusion. After that period, we’ll gladly go back to the drawing board and will do all that we can to make sure you love your new mattress.

If you customize, can you make one half of the bed one construction and the other half of the bed a different construction?

We get this question all the time. Hypothetically, we can. However, we don’t, and there are good reasons not to. First of all, we try and avoid glue seams entirely. We don’t glue layers on top of layers because of the 30/90 Comfort Commitment. If we glued, then we wouldn’t be able to provide that sort of ongoing support and customization in the event that the mattress isn’t working.

Also, to do the half and half plan would not only require glue, but it would require glue that you would feel. This would require a glue seam right down the middle of the mattress, which would (at best) just feel like a hard line, but also leave the potential of breaking a part of over time.

Rather than doing the half and half plan, we promote compromise between the two partners sharing the mattress! Our customization makes that more possible than other product lines, and our 30/90 Comfort Commitment provides the ability to change the mattress after the purchase to ensure we get it right.


When will my mattress be delivered?

Within one week, but usually within three days. Since we deliver ourselves, we ask for a couple days to organize deliveries within proximity of one another. We'll contact you after your order and work with you individually on an ideal time for you. 

Or, if we bring the Mattress Store To Your Door, there's literally no lead time. Once you have the appointment set, we come to your home, you try out the mattress that we customize for you, and you buy it and keep it then and there.


What if I try the Store To Your Door program, but am not ready to buy or don't like the mattress?

There's no obligation to make an appointment for us to bring the Store To Your Door.  We'll try as many configurations of the mattress layers to make you something you're happy with, but if we just can't get it right, or you're simply not ready to purchase right then, it's no problem. We'll drive away without a trace of pushy sales tactics.


What is the warranty on your mattresses and pillows after the 30/90 Comfort Commitment?

Our products will last. You have our word. We don't have fancy warranties or other gimmicks. We're right up the road. If you're unhappy with the mattress, or if there is manufacturer defect, we'll personally come out and help fix the problem within the first 90 days of you purchase.

And after that, since we don’t glue anything together, we can still help ensure you’re comfortable. Dog pee on your bed? No problem. You can buy a cover separately and we’ll come out and set it back up for you. Have a back injury and need a different style mattress? Easy. You can purchase new layers and we’ll come out and make it work for you.

Click here for complete information about our warranties.


If I don't like my mattress, how do I return it?

Most likely, we'll have had conversations with you about that before, but if not, just Contact Us directly. We'll work with you to find a solution that fits your comfort needs. And, if we cannot satisfy you, we'll come pick it up ourselves.


Does this mattress need a box spring?

Nope. We can't control what our customers put our mattresses on, but it should be noted that our mattresses are compliant with CFR 1663 (the federal flammability standard) without the use of a box spring. All this means is that if there is a fire in your home, and the mattress is placed on a box spring, we would not be at fault. The best practice for our mattresses would be 1) To place them on a platform bed frame, and 2) To take basic fire prevention steps in your home in an attempt to make any federal flammability law not apply to you.


Do you offer box springs?

No. Not yet, at least. Existing or new box springs will work just fine, but we recommend platform bed frames because they provide better support and you don't need to mess with another bulky product.


Where will my old mattress be recycled?

Nashville, Tennessee! Spring Mattress Recycling is an organization that helps the environment by recycling unwanted mattresses, while more importantly providing jobs to men who need a second chance. 


What will my old mattress be recycled into?

Good question!

  1. If it was an innerspring mattress, the steel from the springs will be melted and remade into a number of different products.

  2. The foam, either in the core or in the pillow top, will shredded down an used in carpet padding or bean bags.

  3. The wood from the box spring will be ground up into mulch.

  4. If there's fiber, it will be reprocessed and used for recycled fiber in filters and industrial equipment.


Are there any FR chemicals used in the foam?

No. All of our products are free of FR chemicals. Your health and safety are exceedingly important to us. We pass the Federal Flammability Standard CFR1633 using an Engineered IFR E-Z Cover. It's the first of it's kind. It's comfortable. And it looks really cool.


What if I'm out of your area? How can I buy a mattress?

Same way! Our prices included shipment throughout the continental US.


The Comfort Test showed me mattresses that did not match what my preferences are. Why would that be?

There are some remote results from our Comfort Test that could be at opposition to your stated preferences. For example, maybe you prefer firm mattresses but our Comfort Test recommended C-10, which is our softest construction possible. In this rare case, you likely also stated that you sleep on your side or stomach.

Our Comfort Test is designed to weight the answers to the test, meaning that from our research, a side or stomach sleeper would benefit more from a soft mattress, even if they think they prefer a firm mattress.

In this situation, we invite to give our recommendations a try. We believe in our research, foam experience, and our Comfort Test. If we're wrong, which is certainly possible, we'll bring you out replacement Comfort Layers for your mattress free of charge to make things right. 


Why doesn't Comfort Option ever run sales?

We actually do from time to time, but it's usually around a special community event or local partnership. Typically, though, we don't do sales.

There are lots of reasons for this, but the main one is that we are NOT like the other mattress retailers. Since we personally make everything we sell (as evidenced here), we're able to provide a much higher quality mattress compared to other brands in our price range.

It's important to be aware that retailers always have their "original price" marked up to cover for discounts they offer during sales. We don't have that markup in our price, so we don't offer sales during traditional big shopping times like Labor Day and 4th of July.

Our mattresses, with an $895 price point for a Queen, compare to mattresses that are sold for $2,200 at typical big-box mattress retailers. That's why they tend to offer $500 off "sales," and frankly, it's something we want no part in. We'd rather offer a high-quality mattress at a straightforward price year round.


Any other questions? 

Please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd be happy to help.

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