Trials and Warranties the Comfort Option way.

We’re of the opinion that mattress warranties and trial periods being offered in the market don’t really provide what customers need. Instead of offering benefits to customers, they’re actually set up to control returns.

Based on that, we’ve developed Commitments and Partnerships in place of trials and warranties. We’re here to provide comfort, not simply sell a product. We hope that can be seen in how we stand behind our mattresses and pillows.



Say goodbye to the gimmicky 100 day Trial concept. It’s nice to have the peace of mind that you can try a mattress for 100 days and still return it and get your money back, but in that scenario you have to start mattress shopping all over again! No fun.

We have a better idea, rooted in the fact that we are truly committed to your comfort. Here’s how our 30/90 Comfort Commitment works.

  1. Try the mattress for 30 days.

  2. If you don’t like it after that, we’ll reconstruct it for the next 90 days as many times as you need to try and get it right. And we’ll do it without charging you a dime.

  3. If we can’t make it work, we’ll take the mattress away and provide a full refund.

We’d rather not leave you mattress-less. If you’re in our local area, we’ll do this for you. If you’re outside our area, we’ll ship you new layers along with a prepaid shipping label and box for the old layers. Simple.


What happens if you simply don’t like the mattress anymore, but you don’t realize it until after the trial period and your preferences don’t qualify for a warranty claim? What if you dog pees on your bed and you can’t bear the smell? What if you have back surgery and simply need a different level of comfort? With other companies, you just have to buy a whole new mattress.

Not with Comfort Option. Our Forever Partnership provides options to continue to customize your mattress even after our 30/90 Comfort Commitment expires, or with Alpha Mattress Options, whether there’s defects in the mattress or not.


  1. You tell us what you want. New top layer, new core, new cover. Whatever.

  2. You pay for the material at a remarkably fair price - especially compared to a new mattress.

  3. We send you what you need and you reconstruct the mattress as needed. Or, if your in our local area, we’ll do it for you. No expiration on this. It’s literally forever.

*30/90 Comfort Commitment Not Available on Alpha Mattresses, which include a 30 Day Mattress Trial.

Very happy with our Comfort Option mattress! After a few weeks, we decided to try a slightly different mattress; they came out again and made the switch with no troubles. Very satisfied with their service!
— Kevin, Indianapolis



I. What This Warranty Covers

This warranty is provided by Foamcraft, Inc., owner of Comfort Option branded mattresses and pillows, to you as the original purchaser of your Comfort Option mattress and/or pillow (s). We warrant that the foam material in the “Comfort Option Customized Mattress”, “Alpha, by Comfort Option” Mattress Products, and all Comfort Option Pillow Products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under ordinary use for ten years (mattresses) and two years (pillows) from the date of the original purchase, with the exceptions stated below. Body impressions, mattress sag, and product height loss qualify as defects in the foam core and are covered by this warranty which exceed 1 inch in depth below the original level of the product (mattresses) and 2 inches in depth below the original level of the product (pillows).

If the foam material in the product proves defective during the warranty period and you follow the instructions provided here, we will take one of the following actions: (1) free replacement of the Product with either a new or refurbished Product that is the same as or similar to the Product you purchased; (2) repair the Product using either new or refurbished parts; or (3) refund to you the original purchase price of the Product.

II. What This Warranty Does Not Cover

This warranty does not cover the following: comfort preference and changes in desired feel; imperfections of the fabric cover; slight body impressions (less than 1 inch in depth in mattresses and less than 2 inches in depth in pillows); any abuse or unsanitary product condition; or damage caused by improper use or care. Failure to follow the manufacturer’s use and care instructions may void this warranty. The zipper on the mattress is only for use in the manufacturing process, or customization process, and should not be zipped open or closed at any time by the consumer without instructions provided by Foamcraft, Inc. and Comfort Option representatives. Using the zipper without instructions to do so will void your warranty. Mattress covers should not be removed to launder or for any other reason not recommended by Foamcraft, Inc. or Comfort Option. Removing the mattress cover will void your warranty. Laundering the pillow cover will void the warranty, as doing so could change the feel of the pillow, thus creating a preference change. Foamcraft, Inc. does not warrant that its products are suitable for any person’s medical condition or that it will protect the user against bacteria, viruses, or other disease organisms. This warranty only covers the foam material in the product and does not apply to the fabric cover, zipper, or mattress cover.

III. What This Warranty Offers For Comfort Preference Changes or Damage

In the event the Foamcraft, Inc. determines the warranty claim does not qualify as a defect, but rather is a comfort preference; change in desired feel; contains only a slight body impression; the cover or foam core was damaged by abuse or unsanitary product conditions; or improper use or care; Foamcraft, Inc. will not provide a free replacement of the Product or Parts. However, for all Mattress Products, Foamcraft, Inc. will provide material replacement for foam components or mattress covers, at the cost to the customer, without charging additional fees for labor or delivery. This option has no expiration after purchase and is commonly referred to as our Forever Partnership.

IV. Warranty Limitations and Exclusions

There is no assurance, representation or warranty that any replacement product will be identical to or will offer the exact same functionalities as the product returned to Foamcraft, Inc. Technological advances and product availability may result in your receiving a replacement product with a lower or higher selling price than the original product you purchased. In all cases, product comparability will be determined by Foamcraft, Inc., who commits to using its experience to provide the best solution possible for the customer.

This warranty applies to any replaced product or part, or to any repair performed on your mattress or pillow for the remainder of the original ten-year warranty period or for 90 days from the shipment of any replacement product or part to you, whichever period is longer.

How To Obtain Warranty Service

By Phone

Contact Comfort Option Customer service at 1-855-853-2981

By Email

Contact Comfort Option at

Customer Service will ask you questions to determine your eligibility under this limited warranty and will require either photography or an in-home visit to determine eligibility. If you are eligible, a free replacement order, repair order or refund will be issued. If we provide you with a replacement or to repair your product, we will pay the cost of shipping the replacement or repaired product to you, or for performing the repair service in your home.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.