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With over six decades spent fabricating foam for the bedding and furniture industries, we've applied the knowledge and experience we've gleaned to create a line of mattresses that utilize the finest materials on the market, applied in the best manner to meet the specific needs of each of our customers. Each foam type used in our mattress constructions has been hand selected for it's unique properties and, by combining these foam types in different arrays, we're able to to create a full spectrum of mattresses. No matter the feel or properties you're looking for, we're confident that we have just the bed for you.

Click below to learn more about the different properties of our foam selections and the science behind them.


Feel & Structure


Each of our mattresses consists of a 6" contoured mattress core and a combination of two customizable comfort layers that work in concert to provide a level of support and feel that is ideal for you. Each comfort layer is 2" in depth and both layers serve their own purpose. The mid-layer blends upward from the mattress core to form a support level that meets your needs and preferences, while the top layer adds the final level of preferred softness or bounce. The artful combination of both layers allows us to customize a mattress into your ideal sleeping surface. 

Having been in the foam industry for over 65 years, we did our homework when it comes to the materials we utilize in each of these layers. We searched far and wide and settled on four mid-layer options and four top layer options that allow us to create a full spectrum of customized comfort. Each layer in our arsenal is premium-quality and was chosen for its unique properties (such as density, firmness, recovery rate, general feel, and cooling effects). that make it suitable and useful for different sleep applications. Once combined, the end result is unique and lasting comfort.


Durability, for Comfort that Lasts.


No matter your size, sleeping position, or firmness preference, you deserve a mattress that will feel the same today as it does years down the road. This is where durability comes in, and the measure of durability in foam revolves around one concept: density. Foam density equates to foam quality. It's as simple as that. The denser the foam, the more material went into making the foam, which in turn translates to a longer lasting, better performing product. More material, more performance.

Manufacturing our own products here in Indianapolis and selling them directly to our customers allows us to offer a mattress that is higher quality, utilizing a higher-density foam, at a lower price. The foam in our mattress core is 2.2 pound density (i.e. the foam weighs 2.2 pounds per cubic foot). 0ur leading online competitor's mattress core, on the other hand, is 1.8 pounds per cubic foot. That means that the core of our mattress contains over 20% more material and is that much more durable. That's a fact we're proud of and another benefit of buying local and direct.


Cooling, for Your Best Night's Sleep.


Our mattresses are designed from top to bottom to provide the airflow and temperature regulation you need to stay comfortably cool throughout the night. 

Starting at the top, we have incorporated several engineered, temperature-regulating foam types in our product lines. In addition to being exceedingly comfortable, these products are also designed to conduct heat away from your body and keep you cool. Whether it is our highly-breathable memory foam, copper-infused memory foam, or temperature-neutral foam, we have layer options designed specifically for your temperature needs. Gone are the days when memory foam was known for its dreaded "oven-effect." 

Moving downward, our temperature control continues with the unique CNC profile design of our mattress core. This design allows for high airflow through the mattress body and underneath both Comfort Layers, giving the heat dissipated through these layers a place to escape. After conducting pressure-mapping research, we found that this design also has unique comfort benefits, as well, creating a mattress base that is as comfortable as it is breathable and cool.


Ready for a better night's sleep? 

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